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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Free $35 for using an App for 10 days

Participate in a brief screening survey to determine your eligibility for a 10 day project where you will be required to install an app to your smartphone. 

If you qualify and meet all participation requirements for this study, you will be credited $35 within two to six weeks. As always, your responses will be kept confidential, and they will be used for research purposes only.

Estimated length of survey: 5 minutes
Incentive: $35 for meeting all participation requirements

The participation requirements for the App diary include:
-Successfully install the app on your smartphone
-Access the app daily and fill out the interactive diary for 10 consecutive days, including a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
-Complete the interactive diaries on a daily basis in at least 3 sittings.
NOTE: Days where all diaries were completed in 2 sittings or all at once are not counted as valid.
-Complete the 'Late in the day' survey on a daily basis



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