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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free SNACK-O-SPHERES! by Friskies!! HURRY!!!

Free SNACK-O-SPHERES! by Friskies!! HURRY!!!

Friskies posted:

WUH-OH! What’s that rolling sound? Is that rolling thunder? NO! (Well, come to think of it, it could be.) 1,000 Snack-O-Spheres! It’s the little ball that you can put a treat inside! Guaranteed (well, almost guaranteed) to AMUSE YOUR KITTY for whole minutes of time! THE FIRST 1,000 FOLKS WHO REGISTER BELOW WILL EACH WIN SNACK-O-SPHERES! (Two to be precise.) Your cat will nudge it, push it, paw it around, and it will make quite a racket on wooden floors. Some adults have been known to kick these suckers around their offices. GET CLICKING! One registration per kitty-home, puh-lease. The Snack-O-Sphere is NOT FANCY. IT’S JUST FUN! Register Now! If you register, you win. It’s that simple. Best of luck to you...


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